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. in cairo protestors continued to gather en masse outside the burned u.s. embassy and egyptian forces fired teargas in attempts to get them to disperse. similar protests also appeared in iran, iraq, bangladesh, morocco, sudan and tunisia. in libyan, there was a gathering design to show appreciation for the united states. hundreds of libyans amassed outside the consulate, airing signs denouncing yesterday's violent destruction which led to the death of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three others. in addition libyan authorities arrested four men suspected of instigating the protests. president obama called both egyptian president morsi and magariaf. the two calls had decidedly different tones. president obama expressed appreciation to libyan president magariaf for the cooperation received from the libyan government and people in responding to the attack. though questions still remain about the role libyan terrorists played in escalating the attacks. with respect to egypt the president had made an interesting comme
gentleman rightsyria, egypt, and now we see them taking out our u.s. ambassador in libya. this is not because of a movie. the movie is an excuse. this happened on 9/11. this is a serious developing situation that has been developing for four to nine months dependent depending on which country you're looking at. mitt romney as president would have already--take syria 18 months ago would have been working covertly to figure out who the good guys are help them, give them arms, organize them. we're not talking about putting u.s. troops there. that's always something that the liberals like to push on us, that we want war. no republican wants war. that's a fact. i don't think mitt romney is going to be committing u.s. troops very quickly. >> eliot: rick let me interrupt, time is short. i don't disagree with you about syria. it could be that the administration is already doing that at a covert level. we wouldn't know but i think there has been a fair bit of bipartisan criticism that there should have been more intervention when it comes to syria. but libya leading the islamic pa
an incredibly difficult time getting out of the mid 40s. obama at 48, 49, 50, and romney at 35. what we're seeing in the previous years, it's the smallest it's before been at this stage of the race. in 1980, 35% of the voters were undecided. now, 5%. that's it. they told pollsters they're sold on their decision. there >> eliot: that absence of undecided voters, and this is a race is about passion not persuasion. it's not enter wading undecide. it's having those with who are already with you to have the passion to turn out on election day. that seems to be the variable that pollsters have a hard time measuring. and i hope it's not the case but it still could be that the passion on the romney side turns deeper and turnout could be higher in that universe. is that something that the obama campaign has to worry about? >> of course they have to worry did. i'm looking at the data. i'm not worried about it. there is a way that pollsters can measure voter intensity. in 2008 we had the higher intenseity. and it showed in the polls. this year it slips in the convention, public intensity went dow
against the film beganouts the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, but it appears to have been a well armed, well coordinateed event with indirect and direct fire from machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. four americans were killed, including j. christopher stevens and information management officer sean smith. secretary of state hillary clinton eulogized the ambassador and defended the america's commitment to libya. >> everywhere chris and his team went in libya in a country scared by war and tyranny, they were hailed as friends and partners. the world needs more chris stevens. >> eliot: and at the white house, president obama condemned the attacks. >> obama: there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. none. and make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> eliot: but unfortunately and predictably there was a political dimension to this as well with protest against the film tuesday morning. a foreign service officer in the embassy tried to calm the situation with a tweet condemnic the
bin laden determined to strike in u.s. but now in an extraordinary new book 500 days of secrets and lies in the terror wars, in an op ed article in "the new york times" today the deafness before the storm author kurt eichenwald lays out the briefings that the bush administration seemingly ignored on the road to 9-11. on may 1 2001, a group presently in the united states was planning a terrorist operation. on june 22nd, al-qaeda strikes could be imminent. on june 29th, in response to neocon, it was meant to distract the white house from saddam hussein. bin laden associates expected "near term attacks to have dramatic consequences, including major casualties." on july 1st the operation had been delayed but will occur soon. on july 24th, the attack was still being readied but had been postponed. again on august 6th bin laden determined to strike in the u.s. for more on his remarkable reporting, i'm joined by kurt eichenwald contributing editor to "vanity fair" and author of "500 days, secrets and lies in the terror
headline to thurston howell iii the clueless millionaire in the '60s tv comedy gilligan's island before writing and i quote... national review editor rich lowery compared romney's remarks to and i quote someone who overheard some conservative cocktail chatter and maybe read a conservative blog or two and is thoughtlessly repeating back what he heard and read. romney also shared his thoughts on the israeli palestinian counsel to the fund-raiser. mother jones released that video today. here's part of what romney said. we have a potentially volatile situation. we kick the ball down the field and hope that ultimately somehow, something will happen. >> eliot: romney took to fox news this afternoon to explain his comments on taxes and the so-called 47%. romney didn't try to apologize for his remarks which he said contrasted his commitment to free enter vise to what he called the president's preference for expanding government but he did manage, get this to get in a good word for taxes. >> romney: i do believe that we sh
in developing nations. and in exchange for removing the barriers and opening their markets to u.s. investment and trade, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages. >> eliot: romney said in a typical dig against president obama he would never apologize for america as fact checkers have shown the president hasn't but never mind the facts. after leaving new york, romney joined congressman ryan in ohio for two days of campaign and according to the latest "washington post" poll, it is an uphill battle likely voters in ohio favoring president obama over romney by 52% to 44%. romney also trails in florida where likely voters prefer the president by 4 points. ohio and florida are among 8 swing states that will be seeing this obama ad, attacking romney for his derogatory comments about americans who don't pay federal income tax. >> mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he attacked millions of hard-working people making $25,000, $35,000 $45,000 a year. they pay social security taxes
-catholic and i did see the way republicans youd fear of change in the 60s. it was not all racial. there were scary things that happened in the 60s. then they used the great society and war on poverty to say government is now only caring essentially about black people, and they're taking your money and giving it to those people and they're leaving it behind. >> it carries into another theme in this campaign. they created the notion that the only beneficiaries of the government is lower class. >> right. >> eliot: where you pointed out we're all beneficiaries. >> yes, i lived in the dreamiest moment of the american dream. my generation is the last generation to whom they kept their promises. when my parents arrived they were dirt poor. they rose thanks to unions. my parents thanks to the g.i. bill. >> eliot: interestingly the cover of "time" magazine has a very interesting story about how we're all subsidized. we don't want to admit it to us. >> the white working middle class forget it was subsidized. >> right, they came for some help. >> eliot: it plays in the argument, who built it. the notio
is marc ginsberg, former u.s. u.s. ambassador to morocco who also served as deputy senior adviser for middle east policies to president carter. welcome. >> thank you. >> with the report of chemical weapons, this sounds treacherous. >> it does. you indicated there are hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across syria's northern border with turkey and southern board with jordan creating an humanitarian crisis for relief, but think of the untold thousand who is are injured and wounded inside the cities who no longer have relief coming to them. >> eliot: this is a humanitarian crisis. i do not see the international community organizing itself to handle the refugee crisis in turkey jordan, or beginning to act in a way that is appropriate for what is going on in syria. am i not seeing it, or is there not an efficient response. >> it's not only inadequate, but it's embarrassing inadequate. the greater the humanitarian crisis in syria the more impact it has in destabilizing our allies in turkey and elsewhere let alone those who will be die dieing. >> eliot: president morsi of egypt
is being given a larger role overseeing news corp u.s. television operations. the quality of his administrative and manage the skills must have impressed the folks at newspapers corp. okay, no surprise there is no accountability of that company. but do the folks who run news corp really believe that jamie murdoch should be in charge of the tv operations. who is on board there? and what record do they have that shows that he participated in this activity or willfully ignored what he was being told. the guy wouldn't be permitted out of a management teen i didn't course in any company i've been involved in. i would like to have a chat with folks on news corp board and find out what their logic is. and finally where is the uniquely inept u.s. department of justice? it has made so much out of irrelevant and tiny cases it has made against so many companies violating an institute statute called the foreign corrupt practices act. the department loves to use the statute to show joust how tough it is, but now they have the most important case sitting there in front of them. it's a ground b
to inenfranchise you to make it difficult for to you vote, you'll have a hard time for the u.s. supreme court to take care of you. >> eliot: the supreme court does not like implied rights to people that they don't feel especially close to. among all the problems that we've got you've written this fascinating book. the right to vote in the united states is a fragile right and we don't take care of it very well. >> not only is it legally on shaky crowd, because it's firmly inshrined in the constitution, but we have election districts scattered around the united states. many of them making up rules many of them underfunded many without proper training for all of them involved and all of them subject to partisanship many who want to alter or bend the rules. >> eliot: partisanship has gotten in the way of easy reform that could overcome these mechanical problems. i want to raise one more constitutional challenge, which is the electoral challenge. what is this that we're talking about and why do we have it any more? >> it's a vestige of the 18th century. as it stands, it works and warps to voters.
, they with one of cja alleys. s well. >> you have heard the president say numerous time that israel is our closest ally in the region. the depth of our assist importance and cooperation has never been greater. >> mitt romney attack 47% of americans who pay no income tax including veterans elderly, and the disabled. >> romney: my job is not to worry about those people. >> myth millionth paid just 14.1% in taxes last year, he keeps millions in bermuda and the cayman islands. he won't release his tax returns before 2010. >> eliot: then mr. obama made this comment to 60 minutes website. >> obama: do we see us sometimes going overboard in our campaign? areas where there's no doubt that somebody could dispute something we're saying that happens in politics. >> eliot: maybe the president is beginning to feel a little sorry for mitt romney don't do it mr. president. i'm joined now by thomas frank, and david catanese who is a reporter with political.com. david the un is meeting here in new york. i know that because you can't drive anywhere. it's gridlock alert every moment of the d
ones? >> singles circumstance a little a lot better than -- >> eliot: at fox they use 20s. [ laughter ] >> eliot: stop. stop. this is legal. >> this is totally legal. >> eliot: everyone is told at an early age not to deface money because it is illegal. is that right? >> it is legal. >> eliot: all right. you are not going to leave these dollars with me. [ laughter ] >> eliot: i always pay full freight for the ice cream and the -- okay. this one. stamp money out of politics. not to be used for bribing politicians. >> yeah. >> eliot: what economists value the velocity of money. if i put this in my pocket and stayed there, nobody would see the message. but it will be used over and over again. >> right. single dollar bills last about 4.8 years, and we assume the average stamper is going to get a bill in the middle of its lifetime, and we big your the bill will get passed around say once a day, and that would be $875. >> eliot: if enough people do this within the next few months a member of congress will be given one of these at a fund raiser. >> i'll say. [ laughter ] >
. and last week mccaskill was up by six. for more let's go to "politico"'s chief investigative reportervogel, and josh [ inaudible ]. is this race really almost over? >> yeah things do not look good for mitt romney. even more specifically than the swing states just ohio and florida, double-digit deficit in florida. almost double-digit deficit in ohio. we can probably win -- there is a slight path to victory without winning ohio, there really isn't one i see without winning florida. and though mitt romney is making a play for ohio and is very committed to competing in those two states we're starting to hear rumblings from smart republicans who say maybe they would be better offon pulling from ohio and investing in florida. and then through some combination of these other swing states which you would almost have to run the table pull out a victory in the electoral college, but the math is tough. >> eliot: when you are down that much in swing states it is tough to get the tech tonic plates to move. what would you counsel him? >> i don't think it's about picking
trade and the s.e.c. we don't have to guess. we'll have what we had before which is no regulation, financial interest being irresponsible with no check. >> eliot: kinard's book was one of the most self-interested of improper behavior i've ever read. it was a markable diatribe about government doing anything to ensure integrity in the market. >> he is very explicitly for and i heard him say this just last friday, if a bank is in trouble not because it made bad loans in particular but if there was the kind of economic problems that led -- we should bail them out. critical about -- i said to them boy, if i was running again, i would want you to come to my district and campaign on that. >> eliot: trumping the logic. switching gears for a moment, you have got ton do a little bit of a back and forth a log cabin republicans who are allegedly on their face. you called them uncle toms. you wrote a defense which i thought was incredibly persuasive. explain what this is all about. >> yes. i am all in favor of republ
me there will be some mention of a 1970s television game show, have you seen this hair folks? that's coming up on "the war room" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. but ahead my view (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, the panel and i will try to find the humor in today's political climate. think we'll have far to look? >> eliot: beware neutral sounding phrases as one example, cost benefit analysis. why would anyone oppose assessing whether the benefits of an action outweigh the cost? of course we're in favor of that. but now comes along a bill sponsored by senators rob portman, susan collins and mark warner given the white house under the guise of cost-benefit analysis like the sec, fdic and the fcc. this bill is being pushed by republicans who want to stop any regulations relate to go financial reform. they're trying to create another hurdle an opportunity to intervene before the already delayed dodd frank regulations check in. these lawmakers are using the responsible-responding buzz-sounding buzzfeed. well, the cost of the economic cataclysm of 2008 has now
into the night on november 6s and will determine whether harry reid keeps his majority leader spot or if mitch mcconnell will turtle his way into the position. joining me now to continue the conversations were last night the dc correspondence todd zwillich. thank you for coming back. >> good to be with you governor, as always. >> eliot: let's continue down the roster of the senate races. they're far from alone. let's start with nebraska, which was going to be the big return of bob kerry. is he faring well or not. >> he's not. the republicans need four pick-offs, democratic pick-offs to get that to magical 51 number to get control of the senate. they had a long list that they were confident they were going to pick up. a lot of those are turning blue, nebraska is not one of them. bob kerry was the best they could get in nebraska to try to replace the retiring ben nelson. but he's double digits behind. that's a deep red state. i think that one still republican in washington and throughout the country they're still confident they have that one. >> eliot: perhaps one of the few island of genuine comfo
today that financier joe is giving a million dollars to priorities u.s.a. action, a super pac supporting the obama campaign. federal lecture laws give the white house an advantage in the spending wars. "the washington post" reports while the president's campaign controls most of his funds, much of romney's cash is actually being held by a g.o.p. committees and other interest groups because candidates enjoyed discounted rates for tv ads the post says, the white house was paying just $125 to run one ad in ohio compared to $900 charged to a pro romney super pac for the same slot. romney insists he's going to win in november and made his pitch to a crowd in springfield virginia today. >> romney: food prices are up, electricity prices are up. these are tough times for the american people. and the answer to help the american people is to get small business growing again. hiring people again raising wages again. i know how it. >> eliot: if you believe that mother jones which put out the now infamous romney donors video
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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